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Discover exactly how, when and where to uncover the cheapest cell phone plan.
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Cheapest Cell Phones

From the most expensive mobile devices to the cheapest cell phones the range is definitely broad, but here we’ll focus on cheap cell phones.

In 2009, British fashion jewelry designer Goldstriker announced that it had released a $3.2 million iPhone 3GS. According to Goldstriker, the navigation button on the extravagant cell phone was made from a 7.1 carat diamond. It is believed to be the world’s most expensive cell phone ever made and sold. But the cheapest cell phones in the world?

The spartan quality of the HOP1800 does not apply to all of the cheapest cell phones available. For example, the Vodafone 150 is priced at just $15 and it includes some useful features such as a clear monochromatic display, text messaging, phone book, alarm clock, currency converter, two games, and even a built-in flashlight. For just $5 more, the Vodafone 250 has all the features of its cheaper cousin plus a color display, FM radio, an organizer, and sound recorder. Sometimes seeking the cheapest cell phone plan often means committing to one of these clever and inexpensive mobile devices.

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Cell Phones Without Plans

Some people looking for the cheapest cell phone plans opt to go for cell phones without plans; there are a few ways to go about this. I’ll provide you some advice on how to go about buying a cell phone without committing yourself to a plan, but I’ll also discuss a technology that you might appeal to people in your situation: the disposable phone.

Wireless service providers commonly offer great deals on popular phones bundled with service in an attempt to draw fresh customers. A typical approach for such a maneuver would be to offer a fantastic price on a headset when packaged with preloaded air time and a few other tempting features. The catch, however, is that when

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