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The beauty of Just5’s cheapest cell plans is the simplicity of their plans and the simplicity of their phones. But if you like more options with your cell phone and plan or if you need comprehensive data coverage this may not be the right choice for you.

Just5 has great cell phones and cell phone plans for seniors who don’t want complicated technology and who are looking for cheap wireless plans to fit their budget. These phones also have added features that make them a good fit for senior citizens like large buttons and an SOS feature.

Just5’s no contract cell phone plans run on Red Pocket Mobile, which is an MVNO of the AT&T GSM network.

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Just5 Cell Phone Plans

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The Basics
Just5, as the name suggests, offers 5 different cell phone plans. The plans are mostly the same, only the price, minutes available and service dates are different per plan. Just5 offers one of the cheapest prepaid plans available, starting at $10 per month and they step up to an unlimited talk and text plan for $39.99 per month.

  • For $10 you get 67 minutes of talk time for 30 days. This translates to 15 cents for each minute or each text.
  • For $25 you get 166 minutes of talk time for 90 days. This translates to 15 cents for each minute or each text.
  • For $50 you get 400 minutes of talk time for 180 days. This translates to 12.5 cents for each minute or each text.
  • For $100 you get 1,000 minutes of talk time for 365 days. This translates to 10 cents for each minute or each text.
  • The unlimited talk and text plan is $39.99 per 30 days.

What Else To Consider
Whenever you compare cell phone plans it’s good to glance at the terms and conditions if you’re planning on using the phone for anything other than basic talking or texting. If you read the terms and conditions for Red Pocket Mobile you’ll find they limit the unlimited usage to what they consider reasonable use between two people. They don’t allow it for things like 3-way calling or conference calling and reserve the right to cancel coverage if they feel the plan is being abused.

Basic Plan Details

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Here are a few of the plan details for StraightTalk cell phone plans:

  • No contracts
  • No activation fees
  • No credit checks
  • No roaming charges
  • SOS feature on cell phone
  • 911 calls are available
  • 30 day return policy
  • No family cell phone plans available

Cell Phone Selection

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Just5 only offers their signature senior cell phone. This is their specialty. This phone looks somewhat like a calculator with big buttons and a very simple design; it doesn’t even have a color screen.

Most cell phone manufacturers are competing to make more complicated, feature-rich phones, but Just5 has created a simple phone that won’t intimidate those who aren’t tech savvy. This phone was designed specifically with senior citizens in mind featuring large, easy-to-read buttons, a clear audio quality and an SOS feature.

The large buttons are easy to see, as well as the large text on the display screen, but as an added feature the phone will repeat an audio of the numbers dialed. This simple cell phone doesn’t have many extra features, mostly just the basics like a phone book, an alarm and call history. It does, however, have a small flashlight in the top and an FM radio.

This cell phone can amplify sound for those who are hearing impaired, and it is compatible with hearing aids. It has long battery life, thanks to the simple screen, and it has an SOS button on the back that can be used for emergencies. When the SOS button is pressed for 4 seconds it will sound an alarm to attract attention, but more importantly it will automatically send a pre-set text to the 5 emergency contact numbers added to the phone and then it will start calling those numbers until there is an answer (it will count voice mail as an answered call). If no emergency numbers are added to the phone it will call 911.

It’s not the cheapest cell phone for seniors, but it is well reviewed and it has been well received by those who have tried it. The list price of the phone ranges from $89.99 to $119.99, depending if it is on sale or not. If you’re looking for senior cell phones without plans or if you like the phone but not the plans they offer it’s nice to know this plan free cell phone can also be used with other GSM carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile with a SIM card.

These senior cell phones are all the same style but they come in different colors. If you’d prefer a flip style cell phone for seniors consider Jitterbug senior cell phones.

Customer Service

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Just5 technically doesn’t offer cell plans; instead they have teamed with Red Pocket Mobile to offer their cheap prepaid cell phone plans with the signature Just5 cell phones. Unfortunately Red Pocket Mobile doesn’t have the best customer service record. Wait times are long and it can be difficult to get through to resolve your issue. Just5’s website is a little lacking on information too, unfortunately. You can find the basics, but not much detail on the plans.


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These plans shouldn’t have many fees as there is no activation charge, no cancellation fees or overage charges. Once you pay for your phone you simply buy prepaid minutes and service time.

Pros And Cons

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  • Affordable, simple plans
  • Good coverage area
  • Senior cell phones


  • Only senior cell phones
  • No data options
  • There are cheaper senior cell phones available


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Just5 really specializes in their simple senior cell phones and basic senior cell phone plans. These phones are advertised as being so simple a child can easily learn to use it, but children of today are pretty tech savvy and will probably want something more sophisticated for their first cell phone.

These phones and plans are a good option for seniors who are technology averse. Some seniors who have previously avoided cell phones have come to appreciate this cell phone and the comfort of the emergency alert feature.

While this isn’t the cheapest cell phone for seniors, it is one that is simple and well designed and the plans are relatively cheap, especially if they are mostly meant for emergencies or occasional use. Unlike the cheapest of Consumer Cellular cell phone plans, the $10 plan with Just5 provides at least an hour of talk time for the 30 service days, instead of just service with an additional 25 cents per minute for any calls. The Consumer Cellular senior cell phone does have a sleeker design at a lower price though, and it also has the SOS feature.