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Cheapest Cell Phones

From the most expensive mobile devices to the most affordable cell phones, the range is definitely broad, but here we’ll focus on cheap cell phones and some of the plans that go with them.

In 2009, British fashion jewelry designer Goldstriker announced that it had released a $3.2 million iPhone 3GS. According to Goldstriker, the navigation button on the extravagant cell phone was made from a 7.1 carat diamond. It is believed to be the world’s most expensive cell phone ever made and sold. But what about the cheapest cell phones in the world?

Just a year earlier, a company based in Irvine, California had announced the release of one of the cheapest disposable and recyclable cell phones. The HOP1800 is GSM dual band phone with a reasonable battery life, call waiting, call forwarding, speed dial, braille keypad, and nothing else. The HOP1800 is devoid of bells and whistles: it does not have a phone book or text messaging service. It doesn’t even have a video display! At just $10, the HOP1800 is probably one of the cheapest mobile phones ever sold.

Features Need Not Be Sacrificed for Low Prices

The spartan quality of the HOP1800 does not apply to all of the cheapest cell phones available. For example, the Vodafone 150 is priced at just $15 and it includes some useful features such as a clear monochromatic display, text messaging, phone book, alarm clock, currency converter, two games, and even a built-in flashlight. For just $5 more, the Vodafone 250 has all the features of its cheaper cousin plus a color display, FM radio, an organizer, and sound recorder. Sometimes seeking the cheapest cell phone plan often means committing to one of these clever and inexpensive mobile phones.

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Are the Cheapest Cell Phones Recycled Cell Phones?

Venezuela recently announced the release of a government subsidized low cost cell phone named “El Vergatario” (a crude slang term which means “awesome” in Spanish). At a very low price equivalent to $13.95, the CDMA phone comes packed with features such as: VGA color camera and a media player capable of playing audio and video files in mp3 and mp4 formats.

Value and Durability With the Cheapest Cell Phones

Many of the cheapest cell phones available are especially designed to be used in developing nations. These simple yet durable phones are manufactured to withstand heavy usage in dusty and humid conditions. The Nokia 1100 is a perfect example of successful design and marketing. Upon its release in 2003, the affordable 1100 was selling quickly in Asian and African markets. By 2007, it had become the best selling cell phone ever at more than 200 million units sold, and it even surpassed sales of other major consumer electronics products such as the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Apple iPod.

When Nokia upgraded their best selling 1100 series in 2008, it kept the original rugged concept and added a useful organizer, a flashlight, and the very thoughtful feature of five separate phone books (Nokia is aware that entire households in developing countries often share one cell phone).

Although Nokia does not design the cheapest cell phones in the world, the market for second hand Nokias is vibrant. Prices of used Nokia models such as the 1100, 1202, and the feature-rich 2600 are very affordable. A used Nokia 2600 is perfect for someone looking for a durable camera phone that includes FM radio, organizer, Bluetooth connectivity, and an Internet browser. A second hand Nokia 2600 can be found for less than $40. So as you compare prepaid plans to maximize your dollars, keep second hand cell phones, disposable cell phones and recycled cell phones in mind.

The current market for cell phones is trending toward fancier and pricier smartphones. But thanks to a few thoughtful manufacturers, consumers looking for value and a few select features will find that some of the cheapest cell phones are well suited to meet their needs.