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Senior Cell Phone Plans

Some seniors are pretty tech savvy and have embraced the use of cell phones. But many others don’t feel quite the same way about this new technology and find it somewhat intimidating. Finding a senior cell phone plan that comes with an easy-to-use cell phone can help make this technology more accessible and easy to use for those who didn’t grow up with it… and aren’t yet so excited about embracing it.

Cell Phones For Seniors

Let’s face it cell phones weren’t necessarily designed with senior citizens in mind. They are designed to be small, lightweight mobile devices that provide a wide range of features. To keep them small and in the hands of the people who will likely use them most, they typically aren’t designed to fit the aging population. As much as we may try to fight it, as we age it becomes more difficult to see small print and to use those small buttons commonly found on cell phones.

Luckily there are a few senior cell phones available. These cell phones for seniors have larger buttons that are spaced a little farther apart, some even have back lit keys, making them easier to see and use. Cell phones for senior citizens also typically have a clear, easy-to-read screen. Some of them even have an emergency button (SOS button) on the phone that will start dialing emergency numbers that the user pre-programs into the phone. This makes it easy to call the nearest relative or friend with the push of a single button in the case of a fall or other emergency.

If you are looking for the best cell phone for seniors here are some things to look for:

  • large buttons
  • buttons that aren’t too close together
  • only necessary buttons — avoid complicated key pads
  • speakerphone option
  • easy-to-read screen
  • simple design
  • emergency call button
  • good sound that is loud enough

Senior Cell Phone Plans

Having the right phone is one thing, but you’ll also need a plan to go with it. In most cases it is easiest to purchase the phone and the plan together to avoid further complication, but this isn’t always the case.

Here are some of the most popular cell phones and cell phone plans for seniors:

TracFone Senior Value Cell Phone
This flip phone offers oversize, backlit buttons, large, easy-to-read text and it is hearing aid compatible. One of the biggest benefits of this phone is the price. In fact this may be one of the cheapest cell phone plans for seniors. The phone itself is under $20 and monthly service starts at $7 per month, but because this is a prepaid plan you don’t have to worry about getting locked into a contract. For people looking for a low cost cell phone plan for seniors it’s hard to beat this price, especially when you consider the good network coverage and call quality offered by TracFone cell phone plans. This is a favorite for many people looking for a low cost cell phone plan for their parents or for people who want to try a cell phone without too much upfront expense or commitment. These phones are available at Kmart.

Doro PhoneEasy offered by Consumer Cellular
These senior friendly cell phones offer large buttons, large text, a bright display screen, clear sound, flip phone design and an emergency call button. This phone is also hearing aid compatible. While this isn’t a cheap cell phone, it is still more affordable than many other senior options. The phone starts at $60 and Consumer Cellular no contract cell phone plans start at $10 per month for service only with an additional 25 cents per minute of use, or $15 per month, which includes 100 minutes. They are available at Consumer Cellular. For more details on this phone and other plan options read Consumer Cellular Plans.

Just5 Senior Cell Phone
This is the ultimate simple, no frills cell phone. The Just5 senior cell phone boasts oversize buttons, large text display, amplified sound, voice confirm while dialing, a long lasting battery, an emergency response system and a very simple design. This option runs $90 with plans starting at $10 a month for 67 minutes. The Just5 phone can also be used with AT&T or T-Mobile plans with a SIM card. Read more about other plan options and how they stack up at Just5 Senior Cell Phone Plans.

Jitterbug J Cell Phone
The Jitterbug J is also a flip phone. This phone offers large, backlit buttons, loud, clear sound, large text display and easy to navigate “yes” and “no” buttons. This hearing aid compatible phone also offers 24 hour customer service by dialing 0. This phone is a little more expensive at $99, but it has good reviews. Plans start at $14.99 per month for 50 minutes. They can be found online at greatcall.com or at Best Buy and Sears. Learn more about features and other plan options at Jitterbug Cell Phone Plans.

Finding the right senior cell phone and plan can make all the difference for anyone who is intimidated by this technology.