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MetroPCS started as a small, regional carrier, but they have expanded and are now one of the larger players in the wireless industry. If you are looking for cheap unlimited cell phone plans and fast data, MetroPCS cell phone plans may be a good choice for you. They specialize in unlimited talk, text and data plans and many of their plans feature 4G LTE data speeds. While these aren’t the cheapest cell phone plans available, MetroPCS does offer unlimited talk, text and data at an affordable price.

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MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans

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MetroPCS offers a few different types of cell phone plans from weekly and prepaid minute plans to the more popular and advertised unlimited plans with 4G data.

By The Week Plans

If you really dislike commitment or are simply unsure of your future cell phone needs you can use their weekly cell phone plan. For $14 you get unlimited talk, text and data for 7 days. At the end of the week you can sign on for another week, change to a different plan or drop the coverage altogether. The one catch: Buy The Week plans are only available for current MetroPCS customers. New customers can’t sign up for this plan.

By The Minute Plans

Another option if you’re looking for cheap prepaid cell phone plans with a little bit of everything is their By The Minute plan. You need to get an eligible prepaid cell phone at Walmart for this plan; refill minutes also have to be purchased at Walmart. These plans are active for 30 days at that point any unused minutes are lost, as they do not rollover. For $10 you get up to 200 minutes of voice, up to 200 texts and up to 20 MB of web. For $20 you get up to 500 minutes of voice, unlimited texts and up to 50 MB of web. For $30 you get up to 1,000 minutes of voice, unlimited texts and up to 100 MB of web.

Unlimited Plans

Their featured and most popular plans are the MetroPCS Unlimited plans. There are a few different levels of these plans each offering a slightly different twist. The cheapest unlimited cell phone plan is $40 per month for unlimited nationwide talk, text and data. For $10 to $20 more per month there are options of their basic unlimited plans that include things like international texting, MetroNavigator or Rhapsody Unlimited Music. They also offer a BlackBerry plan for $60 per month.

In addition to their basic unlimited cell phone plans they offer unlimited packages with 4G LTE. These packages start at $40 per month for unlimited talk, text and data with the first 250 MB of data at 4G LTE speeds. For $50 per month you get the first 2.5 GB at 4G LTE speeds. For $60 you get the first 5GB at 4G and Rhapsody Unlimited Music. The top plan is $70 per month for unlimited everything including 4G data; this plan also comes with Rhapsody Unlimited Music and Video On Demand along with a few other features.

Family Plans

If you are looking for cheap cell phone family plans with unlimited coverage MetroPCS offers a family discount for added lines. They offer a $5 discount per month for each added line, up to 5 lines.

Basic Plan Details

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Here are a few of the plan details for MetroPCS cell phone plans:

  • Unlimited talk and text on all plans, except By The Minute Plans
  • No contracts
  • No credit checks
  • No activation fee
  • Roaming offered at additional cost
  • Most plans offer international texting to select countries, most international calls placed in the U.S. will require an additional service
  • Unlimited 411 for $2 per month within the U.S.
  • Uses CDMA technology
  • Auto-pay available as well as many other methods, but many of them come with a small fee

Cell Phone Selection

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MetroPCS has a pretty good cell phone selection, including a variety of Android smartphone options, well known brands like BlackBerry, Samsung, LG and a few economical, basic flip phones. While they have a better selection than many other prepaid carriers like those found in PlatinumTel cheap cell phone plans or Consumer Cellular cell phone plans, MetroPCS’s cheapest cell phones are more expensive. If you want to take advantage of their 4G connection they have some decent cell phone options but they don’t necessarily come cheap.

You may also be able to use your current phone with their plans if your phone is CDMA compatible. Or you may consider looking elsewhere for unlocked cell phones without plans that are CDMA compatible. Keep in mind this may add additional complication.

They also have a pretty big selection of cell phone accessories from protectors to hands free headsets and other discount mobile phone accessories.

Customer Service

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Like many other cell phone service providers, MetroPCS doesn’t have the best record when it comes to customer service.


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One thing nice about MetroPCS unlimited plans is the price you see is what you pay. The plan prices listed on their website for the unlimited plans include taxes and regulatory fees, so there is no surprise, in that area at least, when you get your monthly bill.

There are no cancellation fees, activation fees or overage charges since their plans are mostly unlimited and all no contract plans. So you don’t have to worry about cell phone bill shock.

They do, however, charge small fees for other services. There is a small fee ($1) for an electronic statement. They also charge a fee for certain payment options. Paying at a retail store, an Authorized Payment Center or through their 1-888-8metro8 will cost $3; paying via your cell phone by using the *99 function will cost $2.

Pros And Cons

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  • Affordable unlimited plans
  • Unlimited plan options with streaming music and video


  • Coverage is regional
  • Performance and reliability is inconsistent


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If you live in an area where MetroPCS has strong coverage this may be a good plan option if you are looking for cheap cell phone service with unlimited talk, text and data without the commitment of a two-year contract. Keep in mind this is considered a budget cell phone carrier so you may not get the exceptional call quality or reliability. There are complaints of dropped calls, delayed texts and dropped service with this budget cell phone carrier, but in an overall customer satisfaction survey by JD Power in March 2011 they rated 2nd for no contract monthly cell phone plans (just behind Boost Mobile).

They do offer some nice services and options with better headset options, but once again this will only benefit you if you use your phone in a strong service area. Their unlimited data is more unlimited than that offered by StraightTalk wireless plans, but some don’t feel their reliability is as good.