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Mobile Phone Insurance

Why should you consider mobile phone insurance? People have become incredibly reliant of their cell phones. After all cell phones offer features that allow an individual to text, surf the web, to schedule important dates and of course, chat. Never has there been a more convenient gadget. Most people would agree that their cell phone is a valuable device that is worthy of protecting. It’s no surprise that mobile phone insurance has become an increasingly popular form of insurance for mobile device users. But give it some thought before you sign up for it.

Mobile Phone Insurance Can Be Purchased At Any Time

Most mobile phone users purchase insurance when they purchase their new phones. Other individuals purchase mobile insurance protection plans after purchasing their phone. This type of insurance can be purchased at any time by the mobile device user. If you’re simply maximizing the cheapest cell phone plan, you probably won’t want cell phone insurance right up front.

Why Buy Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile phone insurance works like other forms of insurance. It provides financial compensation or phone replacement to individuals in case something happens to the device. People with the more expensive smart phones see a great benefit in having this type of protection option available to them, but this service can also be valuable to those who purchase the cheapest cell phones they can find with their favorite features.

Extent Of The Coverage

Mobile or cell phone insurance coverage plans cover the loss, theft, or damage of a phone. The plan can provide a replacement phone or offer the value of the phone to the owner. Some plans offer coverage for unauthorized calls made if the phone is used by an authorized individual. This means that overage charges can be covered in special extenuating circumstances. While this part may not be as important if you are comparing prepaid plans covering the cost of the phone itself can be valuable.


Mobile insurance protection plans are structured like other forms of insurance. Individuals pay small premiums to maintain coverage on the phones. Insurance coverage for mobile phones is affordable for mobile phone users. The individual can pay in installments or purchase insurance for a specified interval in time. The coverage is available among most of the leading cell phone service provider networks.

Where To Get It

An individual can purchase cell phone insurance coverage directly through the carrier as most cell phone service providers offer insurance plans to the consumers. If the person is prepared to shop around for better mobile phone insurance plans, they have the option of looking for coverage through other insurance providers. If the person chooses to seek insurance independently of the carrier, internet research is strongly recommended. So if you are doing a cell phone plan comparison you may also want to compare mobile phone insurance plans.

Terms To Look For In Mobile Phone Coverage Plans

A person should first make sure that the value of the plan covers the specific value of the phone. The individual needs to also verify that unauthorized minute usage protection is provided. It is a good idea to be clear on the extent of this form of insurance coverage for a mobile phone. One should also be clear on how easy the claims process is. Ideally, an individual should be able to easily file a claim without extensive paperwork. It is also important to verify the extent of cell phone damage covered within a plan.

An Alternative To Phone Insurance

If you don’t want to pay for insurance on your cell phone or if you simply aren’t happy with the coverage options — carriers can replace your lost, damaged or stolen cell phone with a refurbished model — there is another option. Keep your old cell phone until the contract on your new phone expires; if you lose or damage the new phone simply re-activate the old phone until you are ready to upgrade or until you have an option for a new discounted phone with a new contract.

Cell phone insurance plans are popular among smart phone users. As with any form of insurance, a person should become extremely familiar with the terms of coverage and the claims process. It is best to shop around on line to find the best deals when it comes to mobile phone insurance.